"A person set half a glass of water in

front of me. They asked if I was an

                             optimist or a pessimist.                                  So, I drank the water and

told them I was problem solver"


”If we build it, they will come.”

~Field of Dreams

What we do. 


We provide access to FREE live-time, face-to-face community lectures and dialogue opportunities about various topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Health, and Well-Being for the community we live in, Half Moon Bay, CA.

Why we do it. 


Because there is a real need for reflection, not just about IQ topics, but for EQ topics. We hear the struggles of our community members loss of time, connection, family values, community, and the deep embodiment of real life topics that just aren't being addressed by main stream society in a way that is applicable for people today. 


Our belief is... 

We have enough intelligence amongst 

ourselves to create change, and, that change starts right here - in our own communities!


We are encouraging individuals

to move out from behind closed

doors with the aspiration of

cultivating change in subcultures to share openly with humanity and

learn from each other.

Where we work.


We are a 'cyber-resource center', so that means we build connections with already existing service entities within our community. And by doing so,  we offer a communal model, not a competitve model of our efforts. Our focus is to build bridges to supplement and support education in ways other entities have not.  

How we work.


Being a ‘virtual’ resource center the backbone of this organization is networking. Via the relationships with classroom teachers, school site administrators, after school program directors, and any other existing organization or service provider within our community that are in line with our mission, we then contract those people to collaborate with us. It is a win, win, for everyone involved. CGRC achieves its mission, the service provider gets to share their lifes work and knowledge, and the community learns and grows.  


We work together to create a FREE opportunity for knowledge gathering and growth. We hope to strengthen aspects of community through this type of professional-educational collaboration. 


Topics of discussion are based off of our mission, and by community interest.  If you feel you have something to offer the community that you do not see being offered, or feel that a certain topic is lacking discussion - contact us!

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