Dr. Destia Skinner, ND, CST is the perfect person to help you with great tips for experiencing less stress and more vitality. Dr. Skinner has been involved in medicine for over 20 years.  She is a researcher, educator and Naturopathic Doctor.  She currently owns a thriving integrative clinic, Cypress Natural Medicine in Palo Alto, CA. She is a woman on a mission to find the underlying causes of illness and support the body’s own healing support. 

After attaining her bachelors in molecular biology at the University of Washington and working as a clinical research coordinator in asthma and allergy pharmaceutical drug trials, her passion for health was ignited. 

She continued her educational journey by attending Bastyr University, one of the foremost institutions forNaturopathic medical education, where she received her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine. She further focused her education in Craniosacral technique, natural pregnancy and childbirth, nutrition, and homeopathy. Learn more about Destia Skinner at

Sherri Hanna earned a Fine Art degree from Stanford, her life took many different turns but always with art on the side and incorporating the mental visualization skills she learned as a world ranked swimmer. After over a decade in high tech, she became a stay-at-home mom, raising three kids on the coastside. For the past two years, she has been able to spend dedicated time in her studio painting and drawing. Her work can be found in corporate offices and private homes. Learn more about Sherri Hanna at

Caroline Morton is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (License No. MFC44169) and Registered, Board Certified Art Therapist. She obtained her Masters in Counseling with an emphasis in Art Therapy from the University of Notre Dame de Namur in 2001 and has been providing psychotherapy since 1999. She began her private practice in Half Moon Bay in 2009.

She has also been providing short-term mental health services to elementary and middle school students within the Cabrillo Unified School District since 2005. She also works with adults, couples, adolescents and children. She is specialized in issues related to grief/bereavement, trauma, separation/divorce, anxiety, depression, school socialization, self-esteem, gangs, drugs/alcohol, oppositional defiance and bullying issues. 

At the core of her work is a foundation built on the concepts of mindfulness and self-awareness. Her theoretical framework is guided by the principals of Humanistic Psychology. She believes we all embody a natural ability to heal and flourish though sometimes battle with maladaptive narratives for various reasons. Learn more about Caroline Morton at

Rebecca Nie has taught meditation in the United States, Canada, and Bhutan, and she currently leads weekly meditation sessions at the Stanford Zen Society. In this workshop series, she’ll introduce the basics of meditation, and guide participants through relaxation and investigation practices designed to expand their awareness. The approach derives from the Continental Zen tradition, in which Rebecca is a Master, a member of the 80th generation since the Buddha to be so recognized. The premise of the approach is that developing our clear awareness of the mental, emotional, and physical state of ourselves and in relation to those around us helps us live fuller and more fulfilling lives. Find out more about Rebecca Nie at


”Peak of efficacy is collaboration.”


Mission be helps children and communities become self-regulated, happier and more peaceful through two evidence-based mindfulness programs.

Mission Be helps children regulate emotions. We bring mindfulness-based social emotional learning program to schools as an antidote to stress, violence, bullying and addiction and thereby increase the number of thriving, happy and peaceful children in the world. Our school programs aim to improve children’s academic and life success by building their skills of stress-management, inner-resilience, emotion regulation, and executive control, and overall physical and emotional well-being. Our curriculum helps children cultivate empathy and compassion towards themselves and others thereby helping to create safer and more nurturing school climates. Our trainings for teachers help build teachers’ own resilience and capacity to thrive in the classroom while providing them with a curriculum to bring mindfulness practices to their students.

Since launching in 2003 in New York, we have successfully implemented our Mindful Education Curriculum in 28+ schools reaching 7000+ students in New York and California. Learn more about Mission Be at

At Six Seconds, our mission is to support people to create positive change – everywhere, all the time. We do this by researching & sharing current science about emotions and the brain through a practical, transformational methodology.

Why? Because emotional intelligence is the “missing link” that equips people to be changemakers.

Through 20 years of global experience and extensive research, we’ve shown that the scientifically-based skills of emotional intelligence (EQ) are essential for change. These skills are learnable, and predict stronger effectiveness, wellbeing, relationships, and quality of life. 

Six Seconds provides tons of free information and inspiration translatinf the latest research on emtional intellignee and neuroscience to make it useable in daily life.

We publish world class assessments for adults and children and for organizations and schools. Then we teach “practitioners” how to use these tools and our transformational methodology.

In our network, certified practitioners and our preferred partners work with individuals, businesses, schools, families, and most everyone to bring the benefits of emotional intelligence into daily life. Learn more about Six Seconds at



Victoria Colligan has spent the last 45 years working in the field of violence prevention, social justice, parent education and peace work. This journey as a Licensed Marriage and Child Therapist and Director of Programs took her on a search for the best practices that provide results. There was always this nagging question, how can we respect and care for one another, have ease and freedom in our lives, see ourselves as beneficial and empowered and enjoy our common humanity?

Approximately 6 years ago, she came upon a solution that made sense, confirming her innate knowing that if we all lived this way; we would see the world, ourselves and others, with new eyes. Since then she decided to dedicate her life to sharing this solution with others.

Balanced View is a global grassroots movement empowering people to use their innate power for the benefit of all. Candice O’Denver, the founder of Balanced View, did a comparative analysis of all systems designed to define human nature, and invented Balanced View, a standardized system in the nature of mind, applying an algorithm to reach consistent results of the beneficial empowerment of mind, speech, body, qualities and activities.

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