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Meet the Drivers of the Operation

Monica Morana (in the middle)

After moving to the Half Moon Bay area in 2004, Monica immediately fell in love with the community and its people. She is the salon owner and stylist of A&M Hair in El Granada, CA. She also travels around the country as an educator and platform artist for Deva Curl.  After many years of listening to the wants and needs of her clients, some of which are parents, she and her two, dear friends  decided to help make a difference for the community.

The creation of this non-profit is an expression of her love and passion for education, and sharing knowledge to those  interested in learning to better themselves.

She belieives that in helping people access educational resources, actually promotes a healthy life style choice, and essentially is an act of kindness.


Shannon Burleson (to the right)

As a Professional Massage Therapist, Shannon has spent the last 15 years improving the mental and physical health of her clients through touch. Her belief is that by holding a mindful and compassionate presence while doing bodywork allows the innate healing ability within the body to improve.

In time, excellence in her craft led her to want to acheive more. By blending her sharp, organizational managerial skills with this holistic knowledge led her to the desire to apply all of these dynamic skills learned from healing clients in a different way today. One that will move from providing helpful individual changes to making a greater social impact.

Common Ground Resource Center is her way of manifesting this desire and giving back to the community she grew up in!

Kim Combs (to the left)

Kim is one of the founders and current Executive Director of CGRC. She brings 14 years of teaching experience to the table- teaching various subjects such as Public Education, Yoga, and mediums of Art. Her mantra is, “If she can learn it, she can teach it.” And, for the past 12 years she has been working as a bilingual educator (BCLAD in Spanish) at the primary education level for the Redwood CIty School District. She  considers the classroom a very powerful place to work and feels blessed with the gift of knowing the potential of transformation when education is used in the right way.

For this reason she felt it necessary to expand her capacity to share this power of knowledge, this time promoting emotional intelligence curriculum in a classroom setting. She has realized that no thing can reach its full potential unless the whole is accepted, valued and understood.

Thus the formation of CGRC with her partners.


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