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Reduce Stress, Gain Clarity, Get Coherent!


Week 1:  Introduction to HeartMath®

Understand the science of emotions and how they affect your stress levels.  Learn and practice two simple, self-regulated HeartMath® techniques to create coherency on the go with calm and ease.


Week 2:  Get Coherent, Reduce Stress

Create your own personal Renewal-Depletion Grid to monitor how emotions affect your daily activities and stress levels.  Learn how the heart and brain communicate to create healthy heart rhythms and how to monitor your own heart rate variability through technology.


Week 3:  Build Your Resiliency Levels

Learn and practice Quick Coherence Technique for building resiliency and energy levels immediately.  Learn and implement strategies for building and sustaining resiliency.


Week 4:  Practical Intuition and Coherent Communication

Understand relational energetics and the power of creating coherent environments at home and work.  Learn and practice three HeartMath® techniques for accessing your intuition, delivering coherent communication and increasing your resilience capacity.   

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Tuesdays – 5/23, 5/30, 6/6, 6/13


337 Mirada Road

Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

(Located in Miramar)

About Lisa Clayton

Lisa A. Clayton, MS, Author, Master Trainer.  Founder and President of Source Potential, a human development company, Lisa offers more than 30 years of experience in professional training, coaching and consulting.  Lisa created a unique learning method for developing individual potential and application of learning concepts which was used worldwide by clients such as American Express and HSBC in facilitator certifications. Lisa conducts intuitive counseling as an ordained Angel minister and specializes in connecting individuals with their spiritual domain and resources.  From her passion for heart and intuitive learning, Lisa became a HeartMath® Certified Trainer and Licensed Coach.  She focuses upon coaching management, executive levels and staff group trainings in corporations plus private individual and family sessions.  Lisa is also a HeartMath® Ambassador finding highest value in evolving both herself and her business through HeartMath® tools and techniques resulting in greater resiliency, creativity and fun.  Lisa’s website is       

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