Awareness and “Emotional Intelligence”


With the “New Age of Information” currently among us, it can be overwhelming to try and take in new types of learning by just reading documents over the internet. Information enters the brain through our senses, and when this information is overwhelmingly stressful or emotional, instinct will take over and our ability to act will be limited to the flight or fight (or freeze) response.


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is built by reducing this stress, remaining focused, and staying connected to yourself and others. Moreover, having access to the wide range of choices and the ability to make good decisions, we are increasingly able to bring our emotions into balance at will. As we learn to function in all states our experience and feelings of our states affect our behavior less. We then begin to choose our behaviors based on what we want to accomplish instead of having our actions predicated on our feelings.


The Bonus - Emotional Awareness can be learned at any time

during your entire life!


CGRC provides FREE ACCESS to real-time lectures on topics such

as this:


  • Emotional Intelligence Vocabulary
  • Cultural Competency and Humanitarianism 
  • Community and Collaboration
  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices


With empathy this creates the capacity to be aware, to control and ultimately express one’s emotions as a way to handle various interpersonal relations. We see it as a key to success to both personal and professional endeavors. CGRC believes that these topics need to be explicitly taught today and works to create this 'affect of reflection' in efforts to create social change and positive well being.






The ability to use emotional intelligence in our behavior turns this state into a value for everyone around us, our community we live in. We now become tremendous assets to everyone, and to ourselves. Emotions and moods, such as anxiety and happiness, can spread from person to person and are affected by the emotional states of the other people we interact with. This ‘emotional mimicry’ occurs spontaneously and unconsciously by sharing out, and the emotional imitation promotes understanding and embodyment of concepts, and togetherness that makes us feel closer to each other. You also need to be able to accurately read and respond to the nonverbal cues that other people send you. This is being part of a community.  


We are encouraging individuals to not live behind screens or in their head, and to move out from behind closed doors. By providing face-to-face, live-time dialogue with the aspiration of cultivating a change in our subculture to share openly with humanity and learn from each other, thus beginning to embody the intellectual concepts that are readily available over the internet.


With so many high quality service providers with in just one community we have the means to create social change, well-being and success.

This project model emphasizes the importance of emotional meaning so people can gain increased competency in their own behavior. We believe it provides a forum to explore who people are and how they participate in this world.

”Life's most persistent and urgent question is,

What are you doing for others?


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